International Schools Database – Includes over 10000 International Schools Contacts


If you are considering expanding your network of education providers- you may be interested in our database of International Student Recruiter Subscribers.


International Student Recruiters from 132 countries around the world, we can supply 10,000+ contacts at the discounted price of US$299.

Each contact will include First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Company Profile, Email Address, Phone Number, Mailing Address and Website.


These contacts would come in an excel spreadsheet and you will have unlimited usage rights over this data.


Ideal for email marketing.

Are you keen to market yourself to international student recruiters? Do you have an agency or service that can help universities. colleges and schools around the world?

The International Schools Marketing Database is ideal for email marketing to help you reach out to important contacts at international schools worldwide.

The Database has now been updated to include 10 000+ international schools from around the world who will be interested to hear from you.

The database includes the following:

  • Contact Name
  • School Name
  • School Address
  • Country
  • Telephone
  • Website
  • Email Address


We can make the database available to you in the form of an excel spread sheet for a one-off payment of US$299.

Data Quality

We make every effort to ensure the quality of the data in the International Schools Database.

Student Recruiters contact details are derived from our International School Guide website- agents are invited to update their contact details on a quarterly basis.

Email addresses are periodically verified as are website addresses to ensure no invalid addresses or broken links.

Our friendly staff are here to help if you have any questions: